Name: Paul Jackman

Division: CEO

Length of Service: 19 Years

What made you choose Thorn Baker as a place to work?

It appealed to my entrepreneurial nature – I was given the opportunity to create a new division for the company and the resources to make sure it was successful.

What is the best thing about being a Thorn Baker employee?

I think you would have to ask our people. As the CEO and shareholder it’s impossible not to be biased towards your own company! I’d like to think it’s a combination of being a great place to work with a strong emphasis on applying our values throughout everything we do…. but I suspect it’s more than that – ultimately it’s our culture that ensures people enjoy working here.

How has Thorn Baker helped to develop your career?

In the same way as many of our managers and the Directors have done so, specifically a blend of mentoring, encouragement, support and advice mixed with external qualifications. This included a Masters at Durham University Business School. The freedom to learn, even from your mistakes, is refreshing and inspiring.

For someone considering working in Recruitment, what sets Thorn Baker apart from other agencies?

Our approach to recruitment, in doing the job well, and to a high standard, is often mentioned by our people as a clear distinction between ourselves and our competitors. We have a strong brand, a clear business plan, and an infrastructure that is wholly geared to supporting our people in delivering a great client and candidate experience. With accessible Directors that taking a hands on approach to help and support, making quick decisions and bringing it all together with experienced managers, I believe we offer a very powerful proposition for anyone considering working in our industry.

What are the highlights of your time so far with Thorn Baker?

I’m almost out of time so let me highlight just one – and that is seeing the development of our staff in not just their careers, but in their personal life. This is highlighted best by those that have joined us as trainees who have progressed over the years into more senior positions, and have used this to support buying their first houses, getting married, even raising families and generally getting on in life.