Name: Kirsty McErlain

Division: Construction

Length of Service: 3.5 years

What made you choose Thorn Baker as a place to work?

I’d worked for a tiny start up agency in a shoe box of an office where I felt the company lacked direction and the opportunities for progression were extremely limited. I’d also worked for large multi-national corporate agency where I just felt like a number on a payroll and where the Director wouldn’t recognise me if he fell over me in the street. I didn’t like either.

Thorn Baker struck the perfect balance between the two. The systems, training, infrastructure, database and progression opportunities rivalled and even surpassed those of some of the large corporates I’d been to see, yet the Directors and Senior Management were still clearly very hands on and supportive, and seemed to genuinely care about their staff, clients and candidates.

It all sounded too good to be true (companies always sell you the dream during an interview don’t they?!) But I was really excited at the prospect of being part of such a great company, and accepted my offer in the hope that Thorn Baker would turn out to be everything I thought it would be… Well, it was! I’m approaching my 4th anniversary here and I haven’t looked back.

What is the best thing about being a Thorn Baker employee?

There are lots of amazing things about working here, but I guess I’d have to say the people I work with and being part of such a brilliant team. I know it sounds cheesy (and my colleagues will probably take the mick when they see what I’ve written!) But coming to work in a morning is made so much more enjoyable by having such great relationships with the people I work with and manage.

How has Thorn Baker helped to develop your career?

My career would be totally different had I not joined Thorn Baker. I came to the business in a support role and never thought I had the skills to be a successful Consultant. My manager (now one of our Directors) offered me so much advice, guidance and coaching, and really saw potential in me that I didn’t really see myself. After my first year here my confidence had grown so much that I moved to a Consultant role (something I swore I’d never do!) and another year later I was promoted to Managing Consultant.

I now line manage 3 wonderful team members, and can’t wait to see them develop through their careers too.

For someone considering working in Recruitment, what sets Thorn Baker apart from other agencies?

From a commercial point of view, at Thorn Baker you have all of the tools available to you as a recruiter to be a success. Our database of candidates is huge and has been built over our 27 years in the industry, making your job as a consultant so much easier, and your service to clients so much better than our competitors.

From a more personal point of view – It’s really fun! Yes we work hard, we have KPI’s and targets to meet, we sometimes have to work late and get up early, but we have a great time along the way. Recruitment has its ups and downs – But the team around you really makes those bad days bearable, and for me, that really makes the difference.

If you want to work hard, be well received, be supported by management and colleagues, be successful, be appreciated and most importantly – be happy, then we are the place for you.

What are the highlights of your time so far with Thorn Baker?

It’s really difficult to choose! Having 2 promotions in 3 years is certainly something I’m very proud of and grateful for, but recruiting my own team members and watching them develop into successful and integral parts of our business probably takes the top spot for me.